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We innovate

healthcare solutions

by embedding connectivity in therapeutics
and medical intelligence in software

With excellence and innovation at heart,

Voluntis designs
state-of-the-art solutions

for chronic and rare diseases to empower patients by embedding intelligence in mobile phones and to simplify care provision by powering health data management.


Voluntis was founded in 2001 by three entrepreneurial individuals who believed that innovative medical solutions built with advanced information technologies would transform patient lives, enhance medical practices and quality of care by improving medical real-life outcomes and thus increase healthcare system efficiency.

Every day, Voluntis team seek to invent secure, collaborative and patient-centric digital health solutions with a unique combination of web and mobile development excellence, medical and regulatory expertise and certified quality-orientated processes. With more than 600,000 patients managed and more than 50 programs deployed, our track-record speaks for itself.

  • 600.000
    patients managed
  • 50
    programs deployed

At Voluntis, we are all guided by clear and simple values:

  • We are focused on patients: we are committed to change the daily lives of patients by addressing their unmet needs and by empowering them to manage their chronic condition.
  • We are passionate about innovation: we design next-generation solutions that combine digital and medical expertise to solve the daily problems of patients and care givers.
  • We work with respect and integrity: everyday, we take care of the people we touch, our patients, customers, partners and employees.
  • We are driven by excellence: in everything we do, we behave ethically and we strive to attain the highest level of quality. Always working to enhance our processes, Voluntis is certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and compliant with ISO 14971 standard. Our design methodologies embed the harmonized IEC 62304 and IEC 62366 standards.
  • Pierre LEURENT

    Chief Executive Officer, President of the Management Board and Founder

    Pierre LEURENT

  • Romain MARMOT

    Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder and Member of the Management Board

    Romain MARMOT

  • Dominique LAUBIER

    Chief Financial

    Dominique LAUBIER

  • Dr Geneviève D'ORSAY

    Chief Medical

    Dr Geneviève D'ORSAY




  • Alexandre CAPET

    Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer and Member of the Management Board

    Alexandre CAPET

  • Etienne VIAL

    Vice-President Innovation and Co-Founder.

    Etienne VIAL

  • Laurent DELORME

    Vice-President Consulting, Infrastructure & Support

    Laurent DELORME

  • Damien McKEON

    Vice-President Quality Assurance & Validation

    Damien McKEON

CM-CIC Capital Innovation

CM-CIC Capital Innovation specializes in venture capital tech investments. In addition to Sudinnova, it supports the development of companies with strong growth potential in dynamic sectors such as information technologies, healthcare, industrial innovation and the environment. CM-CIC Capital Innovation is a subsidiary of CM-CIC Capital Finance, the investment wing and merchant bank of the Crédit Mutuel-CIC Group. With €2.6 billion in capital (including €1.9 billion in equity), a portfolio of 630 companies, and 6 regional branches throughout France (Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Strasbourg and Bordeaux), CM-CIC Capital Finance is one of the few merchant banks that invests its own funds for the long term.

CapDecisif Management

CapDecisif Management manages CapDecisif, FCPR CapDecisif 3 and G1J Ile-De-France, early-stage venture capital funds sponsored by Bpifrance, the Ile-de-France region and BNP. Since 2002, the management team has invested in 32 new information technology companies in software, the life sciences, biotech, energy and the environment, and the engineering sciences. CapDecisif Management currently manages almost €100 million.


Created in 1927, Sham is a mutual insurance company specializing in risk management for healthcare, social and medico-social stakeholders. It is the leading insurer for medical legal liability in France, with an asset portfolio of €1.6 billion invested in various channels. Since 2007, the company has also been investing in innovative healthcare businesses.


We firmly believe that the unprecedented advancement of information
technologies will contribute to solving certain healthcare system issues,
notably related to chronic diseases expansion.

  • Personalized
  • remote medical
  • collaborative
  • innovative
    payer model
  • digital
    distribution chanel
  • integrated care
  • patients
  • smartphone
    and tablet
  • data driven
  • BIG

Major mega-trends suggest that the digital healthcare
revolution is already bounding forward in leaps

At Voluntis, we believe these remarkable changes are the pivotal factors that are already transforming healthcare systems. We are poised and ready to catapult the best from advanced technologies towards improving healthcare.

Committed to this vision, Voluntis designs companion software to transform healthcare by :

  • designing integrated care services aligning interests of patients, providers and payers
  • driving cost downwards while improving quality
  • entering new collaborative schemes with stakeholders



At Voluntis, we develop state-of-the-art companion software to accompany
and enhance a specific medication or medical device.

We design our companion software in a user-friendly manner with the ob-
jective of augmenting the real-life value of therapeutics by: 

Means, for instance, designing clinical algorithms that supports decision-making, such as a medication dosage.

Means, in particular, liaising securely patients with care givers in order to activate remote operations, such as monitoring, treatment adjustment or coaching.

Means, for instance, promoting data sharing between the doctor and the patient to foster engagement, and also enabling effective task delegation among healthcare professionals to optimize time.

Companion to an existing medication or medical device, companion software aims at monitoring side-effects, promoting adherence, recommending dosage or connecting patients with the healthcare team.

Regulatory wise, our companion software might be classified as software medical device according to prevailing regulation. To comply strictly with regulations, Voluntis has developed an extensive regulatory expertise and implemented high quality standards.

As such, companion software have the potential to empower patient, prevent complications and, ultimately, to augment the real-life value of a medication.

We can conduct clinical studies to demonstrate the value and medical benefits of our companion software. In the field diabetes m-health, our companion software is the most extensively studied solution. In hemophilia, we have designed a companion software currently under clinical evaluation.

Voluntis develops proprietary companion software but also provides partners with development and regulatory capabilities to elaborate their own companion software.


Every day, the patient treated with insulin faces complexity of the disease: when dealing with insulin titration, when fearing hypoglycemia, when requiring support from care providers.

Diabeo® / Insulia®1,
our insulin companion software

Diabeo® / Insulia®1 embeds, in the smartphone, titration algorithms that simplify patient daily management of the disease by recommending the adequate dosage of basal and/or meal-time insulin considering the specific patient profile.

Empowering patients in day-to-day condition management, our insulin software companion also retrieves patient self-reported data and, after being securely analyzed, provides healthcare professionals with synthetic dashboards and alerting tools.

Stratifying patients upon their control level, our solution aims at simplifying medical practice and enables real remote monitoring and treatment adjustment.

Last, our insulin companion software measure the possible medical improvements of the patient and, hence, can constitute the backbone of an outcome-driven process that aligns the interest of patient, providers and payers across the continuum of care.

Diabeo® / Insulia®1 was conceived as part
of a significant clinical program :

  • 2013
  • 2008
  • 2007

Diabeo® / Insulia®1 is granted CE Mark

Granted CE Mark in December 2013, Diabeo® / Insulia®1 is the first standalone mobile application approved to manage insulin dose and to support effective diabetes management.


Diabeo® / Insulia®1 is one of a select few standalone software medical devices to be granted CE marking as a Class IIb device and supported by clinical evidence.

1Diabeo® is a registered trade-mark of Sanofi. Insulia® is a registered trade-mark of Voluntis.

In the anticoagulation treatment, the compliance is crucial: the INR must be regularly measured to ensure the appropriate dosage of the vitamin K antagonist treatment.

In collaboration with Roche Diagnostics, Voluntis has developed a software companion to enhance the CoaguChek INR self-testing device.

This CoaguChek Link solution centralizes the INR data measured by patients, connects patients with the independent diagnostic testing facility and enables effective telemonitoring system by healthcare professionals.

Thus, CoaguChek Link simplifies care delivery, ensures compliance and enables doctors and patients stay connected to work together on managing the anticoagulant treatment.

In hemophilia, we work to help patients managing their condition. This innovative solution intends to simplify the remote monitoring of bleeding events as well as inventory medication management. This solution is currently under clinical evaluation.


Foundation of our core system architecture, Medpassport is a cloud operated and modular webbased platform designed to manage proficiently health data by collecting, hosting and analyzing data, and by processing the communication flows through configurable roles and workflows.


Talented? Passionate about medical and digital?
Willing to help patients to live a normal life ?
You might just fit in...


Voluntis is headquartered in Paris, France,
and has offices in Boston, USA.

Voluntis FRANCE

Tour Ventôse,
2 rue des Bourets
92150 Suresnes
FRANCE 00 331 41 38 39 20

Voluntis USA

One Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142
USA 00 1 301 346 77 95




88, bis rue de Buzenval
75020 PARIS
00 331 83 56 66 90


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