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Key Product Features

Our digital therapeutics move mountains

Digital therapeutics in oncology help empower patients to self-manage their symptoms. Theraxium Oncology is a platform that allows to create those digital therapeutics. They combine a prescription app for patients, a web portal for health care teams.

  • Patients report symptom data in the smartphone app to receive immediate actionable recommendations that are personalized to their profile and current condition.
  • Care teams can follow the progress of their entire patient population from their desks thanks to their web app, no download needed.

Theraxium Oncology also embeds specific modules to design and simulate new algorithms, predefined UX templates and configurable / interoperable workflows.
Voluntis has leveraged these modules to design an off-the-shelf library of clinical algorithms, which can be further customized.

Care companion for the patient journey

A digital therapeutic is based on a mobile app for patients and a web portal for HCPs.  It awaits in patients’ pockets, ready to provide answers whenever they need them. Whether they’re starting a new treatment or already in therapy, experiencing symptoms such as fever or high blood pressure, patients receive personalized insights to manage their issues. Recommendations are made in accordance with the treatment plan set up by their care team. Leveraging embedded clinical algorithms, the application can help patients:

  • Identify, qualify and report their symptoms
  • Take action to self-manage their symptoms
  • Know when they need to contact their care team
  • Gain knowledge about their disease

Digital therapeutic aims to improve quality of life, treatment adherence and collaboration with care teams while lowering costs.

Compass for care team decision-making

Know what you need to, when you need to, so you can make the most informed decision. Digital therapeutic creates reports and analyzes how patients are living with their symptoms in real time, so that care teams have the power to:

  • Triage patients to know who needs the most attention
  • Take action to modify the treatment plan or follow up with the patient
  • Coordinate better with all care team members

Care teams can better anticipate and implement responsive care strategies that work to serve each patient’s individual needs when they need it most. They can also optimize their time by spending more of it with patients who need assistance and talking with patients during their appointments rather than collecting data.

Our Cancer Care Clinician Experts

We’ve called on some of the leading minds in cancer care to help us design the clinical principles underlying our digital therapeutics. They’re the members of our clinical advisory board, which gathers experts from preeminent institutions in cancer treatment all over the United States and Europe.

The Expertise Behind Our Technology

Proven track record

Over the past four years, we’ve continuously incorporated feedback from leading cancer care centers, patients and care teams to create a system that not only works with existing clinical workflows but also meets user satisfaction.

Robust platform

Our Theraxium platform is the backbone for all our oncology solutions, providing a robust infrastructure and rapid deployment for each digital therapeutic we create. The 50 solutions it has deployed have managed over 600,000 patients in 10 countries.

Expert teams

Voluntis is more than a technology innovator. With in-house clinical affairs, regulatory, market access and real-world evidence specialists, our teams carry digital therapeutics from clinical design to market launch to patient support.

Our Pipeline for the Cancer Care Ecosystem

Theraxium has been used as the backbone for a pipeline of oncology digital therapeutics

Treatment Type
Regulatory Meetings
Product Validation
Market Authorization
Systematic treatment
Targeted therapy
Targeted therapy
Targeted therapy
Targeted therapy
Targeted therapy

Our Partners in innovating Cancer Care

AstraZeneca selected Theraxium Oncology to design a digital therapeutic that supports women undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.

What We’re Up To

March 2020

Voluntis and Bristol-Myers Squibb to Co-develop Digital Therapeutics for Oncology

Voluntis and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company announced a collaboration agreement to create and investigate digital therapeutic solutions that will support cancer patients.

December 2019

Voluntis Announces New Pharma Collaboration in Oncology

Voluntis will collaborate with Novartis to evaluate the use of Voluntis’ digital therapeutic platform for Breast Cancer patients with the goal to empower patients with tools to more effectively manage symptoms and, thereby, improve patient experience and outcomes.

July 2019

Voluntis Announces Market Authorization for Oleena™, First Digital Therapeutic in Oncology

First FDA Class II Software-as-a-Medical Device to be Marketed for Use Across All Cancer Indications.

October 2018

Voluntis and AstraZeneca win prestigious Prix Galien MedStartUp award for Best Patient Engagement Technologies for eCO

The award recognizes outstanding partnerships between French and North American entities to improve health care. It was presented at a ceremony in New York City on October 25, 2018.

July 2018

Voluntis launches breakthrough Theraxium Oncology offer

Voluntis launches its Theraxium Oncology offer, a breakthrough technology that leverages digital therapeutics to empower patients to self-manage the symptoms they experience when receiving cancer treatments, in coordination with their care teams.

Results of the eCO trial published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology Informatics

Symptoms reported via eCO allowed rapid provider response and a positive overall patient experience. Survey analysis showed that patients had statistically significant, positive responses to the use of the eCO application. Patients indicated eCO use made them feel more involved in their care and better connected to their healthcare team.

March 2018

Voluntis and Roche Pharma France reinvent cancer patient support with digital therapeutics

A multi-center clinical study has been initiated to evaluate adherence to the ZEMY solution as well as potential improvement in patients’ quality of life. Voluntis and Roche will seek regulatory clearance for this innovative software medical device.

September 2017

Theraxium-backed eCO app presents clinical results at ESMO

Results of the pilot study to evaluate the feasibility, usability, and perceived satisfaction with eCO (eCediranib-Olaparib), a mobile application for side effect monitoring and reporting, in women with recurrent ovarian cancer

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