Designing Digital Therapeutics: How the User Experience Can Impact Real-World Adoption?


In our latest “Meet the Voluntis Team” interview, Séverine Loiseau, our Human Factors & Usability Engineering Manager, explains how to design a useful and usable digital therapeutic (DTx). She also discusses why it is important to focus on user experience from the beginning of the software development lifecycle – and how to do it.

User Experience in Digital Therapeutics

Can you tell us about your job?

My job brings together the skills of a human factors specialist and a user experience (UX) designer. It consists of making sure the digital therapeutics we develop meet users’ needs while being safe and easy to use; we also make sure users are satisfied with the solution. To do this, we need to know our users well and understand the context of where they use the solution, whether it’s at home, in a clinic, or both. We also need to involve our users in the design of the solution, allowing them to test it and provide feedback.

What makes designing digital therapeutics different to designing other general-purpose apps?

How do you identify user’s needs through product design and development?

How do you make sure users will be satisfied with the solution that you develop, and that it will meet their needs?

What makes someone want to use a DTx product?

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