Digital Therapeutics : The New Evolution of Patient Support Programs



Over 15 years ago, the pharma industry launched Patient Support Programs (PSPs) to support patient access complex medications and to propose a holistic approach to health players including patients, care team, healthcare professionals. PSPs were created to help patients navigate through the overall healthcare system – from clinic support to patient education, risk management, logistics services, reimbursement frameworks and connection with social support services.

According to Gangjuli A., Clewell J., and Shillington A., PSPs are “enhanced self-management support programs that include interventions such as individualized medication counseling, training, support, and virtual reminders to improve medication-taking behavior.

Although published 8 years ago, PSP objectives remain the same today:

  • Fill gaps in care systems that do not allow for a comprehensive service offering
  • Help patients navigate through these services
  • Optimize health outcomes and the value of care.

However, the underlying objectives are to help patients better manage their disease and complex medication treatments, improve the treatment adherence and finally to reduce complications and costs.

digital therapeutics patient support programs

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