How Software Engineering Expertise Fits Into the Development of Digital Therapeutics?


For our latest “Meet the Voluntis Team” interview, we met with Guillaume Moucheroud, our Vice President of Performance, Safety and Architecture at Voluntis, to better understand how engineering expertise fits into the development of digital therapeutics (DTx).

engineering digital therapeutics

Can you tell us about your job?

I manage the Verification & Validation team, plus a team composed of 4 experts from different streams of expertise: Cybersecurity, risk management, algorithm design and solution architecture and innovation. As a manager, my job consists of guiding them in their roles, making the link between their activities and the rest of the company, especially the executive leadership team, and to ensure their professional development within the company. I also support them in the execution of their daily tasks such as the creation or modification of regulatory documents, process implementation, or on continuous improvement.

As a member of the Leadership Team, I’m also very involved in our projects with clients and prospects to build the best presentation and execution of Voluntis engineering’s expertise.

How does the engineering department contribute to the development of a DTx?

What are the engineering challenges when developing a DTx?

What criteria must be considered before starting the development?

Why develop a global platform for digital therapeutics?

What makes for successful DTx development?

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