How Digital Therapeutics Add Value to Treatments for Complex Conditions


Digital Therapeutics (DTx) aim to help patients and their healthcare providers elevate the standard of care and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or an autoimmune disease throughout their lives.

They have the potential to increase the clinical effectiveness of treatments and to boost patients’ confidence and ability to self-manage their conditions.

In this article, Romain Marmot, Chief Business Officer of Voluntis, an Aptar Pharma company, reviews the progress in digital therapeutics and its role in helping patients and their healthcare providers, manage chronic conditions such as cancer and diabetes.

Digital solutions provide patients with several types of educational materials, individualized dosing guidelines, self-administration support, and tools for tracking and managing potential side effects – all specifically created for their targeted therapy. They can also have a “training device” to help patients better understand what it feels like to spray or inject the proper dose before they actually start their treatment. All digital health solutions work best when they have been designed to complement a specific therapy, and product development is an increasingly important aspect to improve treatment adherence as well as clinical outcomes.

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