Voluntis announces issuance of US patent for the proprietary algorithm engine of its Theraxium digital therapeutic platform

  • Patented technology used to deliver highly personalized clinical decision support recommendations to patients and their care teams
  • First application in the field of oncology, with future use cases in additional therapeutic areas
  • Extension of Voluntis’ existing IP portfolio in the field of digital therapeutics

Voluntis (Euronext Paris, Ticker: VTX – ISIN: FR0004183960), a leader in digital therapeutics, announces today the issuance of a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) covering the clinical algorithm engine of the Theraxium platform and the unique process developed by Voluntis for designing patient decision support and self-management algorithms.

Voluntis’ next-generation proprietary technology enables the company’s solutions to deliver smart personalized recommendations to patients and healthcare professionals through its digital therapeutics. These recommendations are based on a combination of scientifically based clinical algorithms, performance and safety rules, and take into account the treatment plan and health history unique to each patient. This technology enables a personalized high technology / high touch model that supports improved outcomes.

The automated real-time recommendations focus on the personalized patient care plan and include focus on: self-management of symptoms, personalized dosing of medication, guidance for the self-monitoring of relevant health indicators and identification of the need for escalation of care.

Algorithms are the active ingredient of our digital therapeutics. In various clinical trials, they repeatedly demonstrated their efficacy and safety to help patients achieve better treatment outcomes. We are delighted to expand our IP portfolio with this new patent. The possibilities offered by our proprietary technology and processes are immense. As an example, our product team now uses our design environment to test thousands of algorithmic combinations in a matter of minutes. We are excited to bring this new advanced capability to our life science and clinical partners and enable them to deliver unique treatment experiences to patients around the world.”

said Pierre Leurent, Chief Executive Officer.

We are proud to implement our algorithms engine in the field of oncology, where there is a large and growing variety of treatment plans, molecules, mechanisms of action and toxicity challenges. By working in this space over the past 6 years, we realized we needed more sophisticated technology and processes to design, develop, validate and operate clinical algorithms to help patients and their care team manage a variety of symptoms. Theraxium Oncology is the first of our solutions to embed this new capability. We anticipate further applications in other therapy areas, especially those where effective symptom management is critical such as immunology.” 

added Etienne Vial, Chief Technology Officer.

About Voluntis

Voluntis creates digital therapeutics that empower people with chronic conditions to self-manage their treatment every day, thus improving real-world outcomes. Voluntis’ solutions, combining mobile and web apps, use clinical algorithms to deliver personalized recommendations to patients and their care teams. For example, these recommendations are used to adjust treatment dosage, manage side effects or monitor symptoms. Leveraging its Theraxium technology platform, Voluntis has designed and operates multiple digital therapeutics, especially in oncology and diabetes. Voluntis has long-standing partnerships with leading life science companies. Based in Cambridge, MA, and Paris, France, Voluntis is a founding member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

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