Our Expertise

We combine a unique set of skills and capabilities to offer our life sciences partners all the expertise and experience needed to successfully develop and operate digital therapeutics based on our regulated digital platform.

Medical Design

Meet our medical team that builds our DTx algorithms based on cutting-edge science to deliver standard-of-care recommendations for patients.

Solutions Design

We create digital therapeutics in line with the IEC 62366 for usability and human factors engineering of medical devices.


With over 40 solutions built and a versatile and modular platform for DTx, the Voluntis team has developed a unique expertise in developing software medical devices. 

agile team co-developing digital therapeutics

Privacy & Security

We are committed to complying with all legislation relating to data protection and security. Find out how Voluntis ensures compliance with security and data protection requirements.

Quality & Regulatory

Our Quality Assurance department ensures compliance with regulations and standards, trains employees in our quality processes and manages our product regulatory clearance and registration.

Secure Hosting

Our digital therapeutics are hosted on a compliant-cloud infrastructure which provide best-in-class technology, to ensure an optimal and secure access to our solutions.

hosting envrionment

Support & Maintenance

Discover how Voluntis continues to operate during the run phase and supports the technical and medical deployment of our solutions.


We have put in place an entire process dedicated to the real-world implementation of our digital therapeutics in clinical centers.

Data Services

We transform data into real-world outcomes to support clinical, economic and humanistic decision making.