Medical Design

The science behind digitally-augmented therapies.

We design medical algorithms based on cutting-edge science

Our clinical teams of physicians, nurses and pharmacists are embedded in our SaMD development teams. Through proprietary tools and processes, they collaborate with our engineering teams to make sure that our digital solutions are aligned with standards of care.

Clinical features and decision-support algorithms are designed with a diverse panel of international clinical experts to provide patients with scientifically-validated educational material and self-management recommendations. Our algorithms are based on international guidelines, drug labels, clinical data and scientific publications and are configurable by the care team to deliver individualized recommendations aligned with routine clinical practices.

Leveraged by our platform Theraxium we co-develop unique evidence-based algorithms appropriate to your treatment plan to provide patients with medical intervention for symptom management and adherence.

We embrace the real-world approach

Patients use DTx on-demand or through reminders when needed regardless of the type of cancer they are facing. Patients enter their physiological data and symptoms into the app manually or automatically via connected devices (blood pressure monitor…) when they need or in response to reminders whose frequency is adapted to their condition.

We are compliant with requirements of Software-as-Medical Devices

Our DTx medical design meets medical device development standards such as:

  • Medical indication (disease condition in which the device is recognized as usable)
  • Clinical evaluation
  • Evidence-based referencing of recommendations
  • Continuous benefit-risk analysis
medical algorithms research

We stay dedicated for continuous improvement

Our Medical Affairs team remains mobilized after the deployment of the DTx to ensure the monitoring of benefit and risk through the analysis of patient feedback, continuous improvement of our solutions, identification of the needs of patients and care team, scientific environment watch, and the conduct of clinical studies.