The Theraxium Platform

The leading platform for digitally-augmented therapies.
A solid foundation to accelerate and de-risk digital therapeutics
and connected health projects for life sciences partners.

A dedicated platform for DTx

Theraxium is the cornerstone of every digital solution we develop

Based on mobile and cloud-based technologies, Theraxium is specifically designed to power digital solutions supporting patients and care teams across the treatment journey.

Embedding proprietary modules to design and execute decision-support algorithms, predefined templates and interoperable workflows, Theraxium offers reusable DTx components and an library of off-the-shelf clinical algorithms, which can be further customized according to your needs.  

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Operated in the Cloud, Theraxium is a modular platform that: 

  • Provides secure capture, storage, and transmission of patient-reported and sensors data. Data is processed to generate dashboards, reports and analytics intended to support therapy management and remote patient monitoring.
  • Supports self-management by delivering personalized recommendations to patients in response to disease- and treatment-related data, within the scope of an individualized care plan defined by the care team. For instance, patient decision-support can help with dosage, adherence and/or symptom management.
  • Includes software designed to be used via common and easily accessible personal devices (i.e. computers, tablets and smartphones). 

A secure and safe platform to build digital therapeutics 

Designed and developed in accordance with industry standards and regulations applicable to Software-as-a-Medical-Device, Theraxium helps meet the requirements to ensure a safe and secure experience for patients and care teams.  

Digital therapeutics built on Theraxium meet risk management and vigilance requirements, have demonstrated the ability to advance through clinical trials and achieve regulatory approvals in the US, EU and Canada. Theraxium has proven its reliability by supporting 14 successful regulatory clearances for pharma-partnered DTx launched in multiple geographical areasde-risking and accelerating DTx project from their inception to their commercial deployment

Multiple patents cover the unique proprietary technology behind Theraxium

A versatile and therapy-agnostic platform  

Theraxium offers off-the-shelf modules reusable across therapeutic areas, such as:  

App Prescription

  • Interoperability with EMR
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Secure prescription capability

Triage and Workflow

Patient Empowerement

Data Collection & Analytics


Security and Performance

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