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Improve treatment adherence and patient experience by augmenting your therapy
with digital therapeutics built on our regulated digital platform.

We digitally augment
your therapy

We create digital therapeutics that empower people living with chronic conditions to self-manage their treatment every day and strengthen collaboration with their care team.

We are on a mission to enhance the real-world benefits of drugs through digital technologies. Just as digital can deliver “augmented reality”, an interactive experience of a real-world environment where objects are enhanced by algorithms and digital features, our approach consists in enhancing the treatment experience thanks to algorithm-driven digital interventions.

Our digital solutions combine mobile and cloud technology leveraging our proven Theraxium platform and evidence-based algorithms supporting clinical decision-support. These solutions can help with dosing, adherence to treatment and the management of symptoms related to the treatment and the disease. Our mission is to help deliver a better treatment experience by optimizing the real-world use of medication and, ultimately, improve real-world outcomes.

How do life sciences leaders
leverage our technology?

We work closely with life sciences leaders to implement meaningful digital solutions aligned with their strategy. The digital therapeutics we co-develop address a variety of clinical and business challenges, such as:

To deliver differentiating treatment experiences to patient and care teams.

To mitigate treatment complexity or toxicity in order to optimize treatment exposure.

To help support the safe and effective transition from hospital-based treatment to at-home treatment.

To extend exclusivity / patent life through proprietary drug-digital combinations.

To measure and improve real-world outcomes to support outcomes-based contracting.

To generate incremental revenue through innovative reimbursement frameworks for digital therapeutics.

Why work with us?

1. We develop meaningful solutions for patients addressing clear unmet needs

Our vision is that empowering patients to self-manage their treatment can improve the overall treatment experience and outcomes. We are on a mission to deliver this vision through digitally-augmented therapies to put patients back in control of their disease.

We have acquired a deep understanding of patient needs related to treatment experiences, self-management and collaboration with care teams. We have accumulated thousands of patient-years of experience related to the use of digital devices in both clinical and real-world settings, and we continue working closely with patients and care teams to design and validate our solutions.

2. We are a trustable partner of global pharma leaders

3. Our teams are made of experts in digital therapeutics

4. Our track record in digital therapeutics for pharma is unmatched

Digitally-augmented therapies have the potential to address unmet needs of the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Feel reassured and empowered to “take back control” over their disease and treatment. 
  • Help optimize the real-world use of treatment to deliver better outcomes. 
  • Strengthen the connection and collaboration with the care team. 

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