Solutions Design

We design our solutions in line with the IEC 62366 for usability
and human factors engineering of medical devices, performing the following activities:

We learn from our end-users, for our end-users

We work closely with patients and healthcare professionals to get a deep understanding of users’ profiles needs and expectations and identify the characteristics of the device use environment. We also consider all the existing knowledge regarding treatment and device usage in similar contexts.

We bring the concept to life

Then we build the concept, we create prototypes for end-users, following usability guidelines such as IEC 62366. We perform iterative evaluations all along the design of the device, and refine solutions with our end-users until we reach their satisfaction and device ease of use.

We attach great importance to the efficiency and safety of our solutions

Every day, our usability experts and UI designers work with our development team to design new features, to develop clear content and define graphical guidelines that can ensure usability and accessibility. When the product is ready, we validate its effectiveness and use safety with the patients and healthcare providers by organizing human factors studies.