Support & Maintenance

Our teams remain mobilized after the commercial deployment of the solution
to offer state-of-the-art global support and maintenance capabilities
to our life science partners.

Supporting your project beyond implementation

Working with Zendesk, a global leader in the field of customer services, we thrive to support our partners and DTx users after the implementation of our solutions by proviving them global capabilities in support and maintenance.

We leverage Zendesk’s capabilities to integrate and streamline our support services for our pharma partners. Our infrastructure ensures a better coordination of all activities related to support and maintenance of digital therapeutics thanks to the user assistance services regrouped under a unique platform including:

  • Technical support
  • Complaint handling
  • Device vigilance
Global Support & Maintenance

Our infrastructure enhances self-service through digital omni-channel support for patients and care team such as email, call center, chatbot, contact forms, help center, FAQ, etc.

The infrastructure is also designed to be compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001 standards and is in line with our in-house global compliance and quality policies. Our support capabilities are built and operated in collaboration with our Quality and Regulatory Affairs team to meet our requirements in terms of security and data privacy.

Moreover, the deployed architecture is designed to scale ahead of demand in order to achieve high availability as the user base grows at a global level.

We rely on real-world usage to improve every solution we developed

The global maintenance of digital therapeutics is a capability on its own. Our proactive approach to bug fixing and our adaptability to meet your needs allow us to offer a high quality, fast and efficient maintenance service to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation. We make sure that the connection and the real-world use of digital therapeutics are smooth and meet healthcare professionals and patients’needs.

We manage post-market surveillance for product optimization

Voluntis can also lead post-market surveillance activities, which typically include:

  • A Complaint Handling Unit (CHU) dedicated to treat, analyze and evaluate in real-time patients and providers’ feedback.
  • The investigation of complaints under the supervision of our Medical Affairs and Risk Management teams to measure their level of severity.
  • The reporting of relevant events to the competent authorities, and the creation of trend reports, in accordance with local regulations.
  • The continuous monitoring of scientific trends, literature and guidelines and the performance of in-house clinical evaluations to guarantee state-of-the-art digital therapeutics in terms of safety, technological and clinical performance.