A smooth and controlled integration of your digital therapeutic
with healthcare professionals.

We offer implementation services for your digital therapeutics

Implementation represents the process of putting a decision or plan into effect, which perfectly communicates our commitment to ensuring a successful outcome.

The journey from final validation to go-live is much more complex than a single action. It is a process through which sub-committees and related projects come together to wrap-up the final product. The term Implementation embodies this robust, fluid process and well represents the myriad of services offered by Voluntis.

The implementation and adoption of a new digital tool by its users is a key step in the real-world rollout of our DTx, which is why we offer several options, including:

  • EMR/EHR Integration
  • Staff training and onboarding
  • Patient services

We meet the challenge of interoperability

Our solutions are integrated with EMR/EHR to streamline and optimize time management for care teams.

Clinical workflows

Our DTx are designed with patients, for patients but our implementation process places the care team at the heart of our strategy.

Providers and care teams are looking for single-point experience, with one unique portal or dashboard for their entire population of patients. By implementing your solution with Voluntis, we propose you meet providers and care teams where they work today, directly in the electronic health records (EHR).

All our DTx are compatible with many industry-leading EMR/EHR and clinical information systems which are able to:

  • Improve the enrollment process
  • Deliver notifications and reports
  • Reduce frictions and increase stickiness through interoperability by creating an integrated workflow that puts the healthcare professionals first.

“Encounter-based EHRs are the principal electronic interface most clinicians use today, the path to improved data-driven outcomes is likely to be, at least for the foreseeable future, through the EHR.”

Daniel Orenstein, JD, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary –

We understand clinical workflows

Workflow varies from place to place, and it is important that a DTx reflects this reality to properly onboard providers and to be used effectively in the context of clinical care.

From the design phase of the digital therapeutics, our implementation team is involved to acquire a clear and precise understanding of the purpose of the DTx for its end-users. From there, they can lead or contribute to the building of an Implementation Playbook that will be used as a reference document for the real-world use of your solution.

EMR/EHR Integration

Your unique set of resources, plus product features and services all impact their adoption at the clinic. Thus, we continuously evaluate impacts on healthcare professionals and patients and we refine the strategy according to new needs that may emerge.

As the project progresses, we create complementary materials to raise awareness about the use of a digital therapeutic and explain how it works. Concretely, these materials can be translated into:

  • Implementation Plan/Checklist
  • Clinic Workflow Assessment
  • Integration Strategy Guide
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Toolkit
  • Finding Patients for a DTx
  • Training Material
  • Marketing Material for Patients

We propose a fully adapted and personalized experience

Increase adherence through proactive support methods and scheduled events along the patient journey.

With Patient Services, we offer you the possibility to set up a whole enrollment process adapted to your patients and product by developing a pull or push strategy. Patient Services is an option which can be integrated with existing or new patients support programs and will help you in the enrollment of patients using a DTx.

Patient Services allow you to reach all types of patients, from the very comfortable to the less smartphone-savy population. With Patient Services we offer a multi-channel and cross-channel strategy to reach a wider audience.

Control the narrative on your digital therapeutic with onboarding, engagement activities and consistent messaging.